We've all seen amazing confetti shots all over Instagram!

Here I have compiled my best tips for BANGER confetti photos!

If you decide to have a group confetti shot on your wedding day I will put on my 'bossy pants' (In a nice way, really- but big crowds is like herding cats sometimes!) and get everyone in position and instruct your guest of the do's and dont's.

Alternatively you could have a confetti cannon (or a couple of handfuls of confetti) and have you as the couple set it off, or have just your bridal party throw it.

Choose the Right Confetti

Selecting the right confetti is crucial for stunning and photogenic results. Opt for biodegradable paper confetti such as @yourconfetti for example. (Use YCEGRONER15 for a 15% discount). This eco-friendly choice ensures a beautiful visual impact while being gentle on the environment.

Consider colours that complement your wedding theme or go for a vibrant mix to create a dynamic and lively confetti shower.

While dried petals might seem romantic and eco friendly, more often than not they just are not impactful captured on camera, unless the petals are large and stay intact after the drying. Dried flower confetti also tends to stick to hair and tulle material dresses and can be difficult to remove.

PS. Have plenty! You don't necessarily need individual bags for every guest, just have a few baskets to go around for everyone to grab a handful.


To ensure a well-executed confetti shot, your minister or humanist can mention that a confetti shot will take place after the ceremony. Designate a few close friends or family members to distribute confetti to guests to avoid a crowded and chaotic scene.

Coordinate with your photographer to identify the ideal moment during your wedding day. Consider doing the confetti shot immediately after the ceremony as you exit as newlyweds or during the reception as a surprise moment.


When selecting the location for your confetti shot, consider the background. Choose a spot with a clean and uncluttered backdrop that allows the confetti to stand out. . Lush gardens, scenic landscapes, or iconic architectural features can all make for stunning backgrounds. Discuss with your photographer to find the best spot that complements your overall wedding aesthetic and creates a beautiful frame for your confetti moment. Always check with your venue if there are any restrictions regarding confetti.

Your photographer should remind guests to throw the confetti upwards, rather than directly at you, to create a magical confetti cloud in the air.

Enjoy it!

And lastly, walk SLOWLY (your photographer is walking backwards!) and smile! You can stop for a kiss in the middle, look at each other or towards your guests or photographer, but avoid looking downwards to your feet.

The confetti shot is a magical moment that adds vibrancy and excitement to your wedding day. By following these top tips, you can ensure that your confetti moment is picture-perfect.